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Welcome to lanceprice.co.uk the personal web-site of Lance Price, a British writer, broadcaster and commentator. He is a regular on the BBC News Channel, Sky News, BBC radio and LBC.

Lance's latest book - THE MODI EFFECT: Inside Narendra Modi's campaign to Transform India -was published by Hodder & Stoughton, Hachette India and Quercus USA in March 2015. A fully updated paperback edition came out in March 2016.

"The definitive account of the campaign that got Modi to where he is now": India Today.




Where Power Lies, published by Simon & Schuster, is a history of the battles between Downing Street and the media from David Lloyd George to Gordon Brown. The Kindle edition is now available. Anthony Howard described it as 'The best guide to the armed frontier between politics and journalism that I have ever read.' It has also received very positive reviews from The Sunday Times, the Observer, Daily Telegraph etc. There are more details on the books page along with the chance to order a signed copy.



The book brings together the two main areas of my professional expertise. I was a BBC journalist for most of my career before spending three years as part of Tony Blair's media team. I now write and commentate on politics for a wide variety of newspapers and broadcasters.


I enjoy speaking on politics and journalism and have lectured at universities and seminars in the UK and around the world. Details can be found on the speaking page.


Although I am frequently in Britain I do much of my writing at my home in France where I also have a radio studio. The What I'm Doing section to the right will give some indication of where I'm likely to be.


I travel widely, as much for pleasure as professionally, although I do some travel writing also. That can make me hard to get hold of sometimes but the contact page should help. I will always respond as quickly as I can. And for what it's worth the biography page offers a snapshot of my background, career and interests.


Media appearances including:
Despatches, The Big Questions, Question Time, Panorama, Newsnight, Hardtalk, The One Show, Start the Week, Channel Four News, Today Programme, Five Live, Louis Theroux, Jeremy Vine, BBC Breakfast, GMTV, Sky News, Al Jazeera, CBS, ABC, BBC World Service, LBC.


Having worked for so long for the BBC, where all opinions were equal, and then for the Labour Government, where it was my job to promote the party line, I now have the freedom to say exactly what I think. It is a great luxury and I enjoy it enormously.


If it ever gives offence, it is not intended to. Why anybody should care what I think I have no idea, but I’m glad some people seem to. And I am always pleased to receive any comments and thoughts. Thanks for taking the trouble to get this far.


"Lance Price is a man who knows about the machinations of government".

- BBC Panorama

What I'm Doing:


Please text me on 07816 265801 (UK) or email: lanceprice@mac.com

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